Salinero 1001

Giulio Iacchetti

Table with 4 steel legs and 200x100 HPL solid laminate top. Top’s edge legs.

Available accessories:
A. Power supply device. Electric socket and USB.
B. Wireless retractable charging device.
C. Buttonhole on top with cable collection channel.
D. Cable guide for desk / floor.

The accessory D can be inserted in any combination.
Accessories A and C are not compatible with each other.

Weight 49,5 Kg
Pack 0,08 m3 + 0,31 m3
Pieces per box 1
Frames finishes
RAL 9005
VR Matt Jet Black
Table tops finishes
STR - full color
STR – compact
Anti-fingerprints - cat G
Black - Cat B
Fenix NTM0720
Nero Ingo
Anti-fingerprints - cat H
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